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My dear brothers and sisters of Odisha/India, The students those who are reading in Govt primary schools are not getting proper education. They are more backwards than economical capable students. In this competative society how could they exist without proper knowledge.

Govt. is colapsed. It stands on getting salary only. No economical capable persons are sending their children to Govt. Primary schools . The Govt. school guardians are only farmers/labours like economical weaker groups. If their children don’t get proper education, they will remain more distance from development. Our duty is to provide them proper education and make them established in the human society. Such an institution named “THE BACKWARDS EDUCATIONAL SAFETY TRUST” is promised for the service.

We all know that the Govt. Pry. Education is in which direction. Govt. has started to close the 10 attendance schools inspite of developing and reforming them. For which many of them are being forced to go the private schools and are being affected by financial exploitation. So, we all should try to develop the Govt. primary schools together. Reformation of Govt. education should be started from Govt. Pry. level otherwise as we are depending on private education and not depending on Govt. education. Only economically capable groups will have been becoming success and economically incapable will have been depending on fate. So let us make success the Govt. Pry. education reformation concept together.

We have to teach the student’s in CBSE pattern from AWC. Strong willingness is mostly needed.