Proves of Reversed GOVT primary Education

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Summery - "Students are not able to read or write in odia (Mother language) due to the reserved GOVT primaryeducation students are not known the title of the subject in their studybook. Mathematics knowledge is zero according to their class. GOVT primary teachers are not sending their children to study in their school where they are appointed ."

Summery - "Reversed Govt primary Education" The GOVT takes attempt to develop the primary Education. Aim is fixed only on midday meal Students are comming to school for playing and eating.

The purpose for which Govt. provides meal and uniform for the students is not being successfull. Alphabets are not being known to the students std. 1 to std. 8 after 8 years of working this project. Addition subtraction and multiplication are not known to rhem also.

Teachers of High Schools fall in problems when they come to 9th classes. At last they follow unawful ways to pass them in matric."

This column is written by a High School teacher named-Biranchi Narayan Das

Summery - "1/4th teacher remain absent in GOVT.Primary 60% of public tax is vested as salary for absent teacher in India.These teachers get salary without work."

"The GOVT of Odisha failed to develop the Primary Education.According to Annual status report of Education in 2007 Std. 5th class students those who could read the std-11 book has decreased in 2014."

Summery - "What is the necessity of mid-day meal at school? In this column the writer wants to stop mid-day meal at school. Because the teachers are remaining bussy to prepare it. They do not get enough time to teach the students. This programme was started to atract the children to school, But now food deficiancy is not a problem. Quality education is mostly needed to develop the Govt Primary Schools. News on dated 25, 06.2016 in "The Samaj" odia daily."

Summery - "Schools having less than Ten (10) students are being chosed. It is proved that students are not agree to read in Govt. Primary. In the other sense the Govt. does not want to develop the system of Govt. primary."

It creates some questions :

Q. 1 Will all able to go to public school/private school ?

Q. 2 Can Govt. manage to provide proper education to the students those are belong to those closing schools ?

Summery - "One teacher per each class are not in 87% schools of Odisha. Required buildings and house are not in 80% schools in odisha state."

Summery - "The Development of Educational system in Odisha State. According to 2011

Sencus of Odisha : Total Population of Odisha is 4 cores and 19 lakhs 74.218, total families of Odisha is 98 lakhs and 8.5 thousand. Total 14 lakhs 11 thousand families are unknown to write Odia alphabet. No member of this families does not write odia alphabet. In 60 lakhs and 96 thousand families member is matric qualify. It means total 75 lakhs families are out of education. According to the report of Board of Secondary Education. Odisha - 97 thousand students failed among 5.5 lakhs students in 2015 matric exam. Students securing 92% in maths do not know what is percent.

According to the report published in Sep 24 2016 year wise number of students admitted in Govt. primary school. Number of matric appearing student in the year 2015 is 5 lakhs and 49 thousand but total students admitted in primary is 47 lakhs. Then where are 41.5 lakhs?

Acording the sencus 2011- people unknown in writting odia letter is 97 lakhs 99 thousand and 332. but it was in sencus 2001-1 core 16 lakhs 8795. It means 98 lakhs are totaly illiterate among 4 core 19 lakhs people now.

The number of able to write odia alphabet has been literate within 2001 to 2015 is only 19lakhs.

The total number of elementary/primary schools are 52 thousand. Where 2 to 3 number of students attend newly per year per one school. India Govt. invests 2 thousand crores yearly for primary schools in odisha. It means adding with 75% of state Govt per school is 16 lakhs per year and per student is 16.5 thousand yearly except mid-day-meal.

In Odisha among 2 crores 67 lakhs people -

32 lakhs 17 thousand are matric, 11 lakhs 75 thousand are graduate, 2 lakhs 94 thousand are post graduate, 2 lakhs 1 thousand are engg. and 28,517 are doctors.

It means 1 crore 40 lakhs people have not touched any school among 4 crore 19 lakhs people in Odisha. In the other sence 35% of total population of Odisha is totaly iliterate(means unknown to write Odia alphabets). Such Problems are in other states also.